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Transmission Fluids

Hydraulic Oils Geartec GL5 SAE 85W-140
High-performance, multipurpose, thermally stable, EP automotive gear lubricant.
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Hydraulic OilsKIXX ATF DX-III
Modern vehicle and transmission designs place increased stress on the automatic transmission fluid. ATF DX-III transmission oil is superior to any other past or current ATF for application to passenger car automatic transmission. It has high quality performance which meets oxidation resistance, low temperature fluidity, appropriate friction performance, high shear stability, and providing virtually sludge free operation.
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Hydraulic OilsGeartec GL-4 SAE 80W-90, SAE 90
High quality, mild-EP automotive gear lubricant designed for applications where API GL-4 performance is required.
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Hydraulic OilsUniTrans
UniTrans is a high performance, all weather lubricant used in transmission, hydraulic systems, final drives and wet brakes of agricultural tractors and farm equipment. It is formulated with premium quality group II plus base oil and robust additive package to provide excellent anti-wear protection, moderate EP properties, oxidation, rust and corrosion protection.
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Hydraulic OilsTexamatic® 1888
High performance, multipurpose, wide temperature range, shear stable, anti-wear automatic transmission fluid (ATF) with DEXRON-III and Allison C-4 identifications and approvals. Friction modified fluid, consistent with DEXRON-III and MERCON requirements.
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Hydraulic Oils GS 10W Plus API CD, SAE 10W
GS 10W Plus high quality, mono-grade, heavy-duty diesel engine oil specially designed to lubricate diesel engines requiring API CD performance lubricants. The level of alkaline reserve makes it particularly suitable for use with high sulfur fuels at appropriate oil drain intervals.
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