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Medium Speed Engine Oils

• Medium-speed trunk piston engines including latest designs in stationary power generation, especially in high load factor operations
• Medium-speed trunk piston engines in marine service

• Approved by major manufacturers for use in their medium-speed engines
• Wear protection
High alkalinity levels control cylinder liner wear effectively and protect bearings from corrosion.
High-performance anti-wear additives provide excellent protection against adhesive wear for cams, camshaft and bearings. Taro 30 DP also provides a high degree of water tolerance and antifoam protection.
• Detergent-Dispersant Properties
Keeps crankcase and oil control rings clean. Prevents deposit formation throughout the engine. Reduces lube oil filter blockage. Effectively handles insolubles.
• Rust Prevention
Prevents corrosion of engine parts when engine is not in operation. Balanced Additive Combination
Provides minimum maintenance and downtime, long engine life and economical operation. • Oxidation Stability
Oxidation inhibitors protect the oil against thermal stresses, protect engine parts from corrosion and reduce undercrown deposits while promoting extended lubricant life.

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