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Medium Speed Engine Oils

• Taro Special HT 70 is recommended for lubricating the cylinders of all large slow-speed marine diesel engines operating at high specific power outputs and high thermal loads.
• Taro Special HT 70 has been approved by MAN, Wartsila and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for use in the latest generation engine designs.

• Approved by major manufacturers for use in their medium-speed engines
• Wear protection
Ensures protection against excessive cylinder liner and piston ring wear, thus allowing prolonged service intervals.
• Detergent-Dispersant Properties
Prevents ring sticking and minimizes deposit formation throughout the combustion chamber exhaust areas.
• Excellent lubrication properties
Maintains an oil film under severe, high load conditions, thereby reducing frictional wear and preventing scuffing of liners, pistons and rings.
• Storage stability
Completely stable at all ambient temperatures. Will not separate or deteriorate in long term storage.
• Compatibility
Fully miscible and compatible with single-phase alkaline diesel cylinder lubricants generally known to the international marine trade.

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