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Mechanical Two Post Lifts : 3T and 3.2T

ATS ELGI Mechanical Hoist for 4 Wheelers raises vehicles to any comfortable working height up to 5.75 feet, leaving head room for complete under-chassis access. Ideal for muffler repair, rust proofing operation, transmission repair and any other repair calling for a wheel-free condition.

• Muffler repair.
• Rust proofing operations.
• Transmission repair.
• Any other repair calling for a wheel- free condition.
• Minimum installation time.
• Requires no expensive installation.
• Portability enables expansion
• Rugged and durable.


Key Features
• Unique Column design ensures high rigidity, no wear & tear and increased life.
• Perfectly solid moving arms ensures total safety while lifting vehicles with no bending and reliable to carry load.
• Reliable arm locking arrangement reducing the possibility of failures.
• Specially formulated non ferrous split nut ensures elf lubrication during operation. Hence increase the lift of nut and lift.
• Ultra high molecular weight high density polyethylene wear strips enhances life of the lift and reduces wear and tear of parts.

Parameters Model : MT 04 030 Model: MT 04 032
Lifting capacity 3 T 3.2 T
Electric motor 4 HP 4 HP
Electric power supply 415V, 3 PH 415 V, 3 PH
Min. lowering height 145 mm 145 mm
Lifting time 45 Sec 45 Sec

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