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Turbine Oils

• Recommended for use in the lubrication systems of mineral-oil-lubricated steam and hydraulic turbines operating under all service conditions.
• Also for use in industrial-type gas turbines under moderate service where the oil is not exposed to high temperatures.
• Suitable for use in air compressors, bath and circulating systems supplying bearings of al types, lightly loaded gear sets, pumps, electric motors and low to moderate-pressure hydraulic systems where anti-wear or other special properties are not required.

• Meets the requirements of British Standard BS489:1983(grades 32 through 68) and German Standard DIN 51515 Part 1
• Also meets the gear oil requirements of David Brown Table M
• Long service life assured by outstanding oxidation resistance
• Maintains high power output by resisting air entrainment in oil circulation
• Allows easy removal of water
• Protects against rust
• Allows one oil to be used for both turbine and non-turbine applications

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