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Transmission Fluid

• Automotive manual synchromesh transmissions and transaxles, particularly where the manufacturer specifically advises against the use of API GL-5 lubricants
• Automotive spiral-bevel and worm gear differentials
• Automotive steering gears
• Tractor and agricultural gear sets, and oil-lubricated track rollers of crawler tractors
• Industrial applications for which API GL-4 lubricants are suitable

• API GL-4
• MIL-L-2105
• Longer gear equipment life
The special sulfur-phosphorus mild-EP additive system provides good load carrying capacity to resist gear tooth wear and scoring.
• Long oil service life
The highly refined base oil and special inhibitor system provide good oxidation stability to resist oil degradation and thickening in service.
• Lower maintenance
The special mild-EP additive and corrosion inhibitor system is non-corrosive towards sensitive copper alloy components and protects ferrous metals against rusting in the presence of moisture. Good thermal stability keeps gear cases and bearings clean and free from harmful deposits.

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