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Electro – Hydraulic Two Post lift

ATS ELGI Electro- hydraulic Hoist for 4 Wheelers raises vehicles to any comfortable working height up to 6 feet, leaving head room for complete under-chassis access. Ideal for muffler repair, rust proofing operation, transmission repair and any other repair calling for a wheel-free condition.

• Muffler repair.
• Rust proofing operations.
• Transmission repair.
• Any other repair calling for a wheel-free condition.
• A 24V limited switch with anti-surge valve between the oil hose connection to oil tank, to ensure that in case the oil hose gets damaged; the oil will be get back to the tank with very slow speed, insuring double safety.
• Full chain cover and oil hose cover to make sure of safety, (well organized and good looking). There is a chain cover inside the columns to separate the oil hose and wire rope to avoid possible oil hose damages. The wires/oil hose will not be visible from outside the lifts.
• Aluminum motor with fan to avoid over heating; Italian seals, toe protection, rubber car door protection.

Key Features
• Base free design- Makes working beneath the
vehicle easy.
• True symmetric column design.
• Arm resistant on each arm engages when the
vehicles is lifted.
• Manual release locking system for two sides.
• Two full stroke cylinders- One in each column.
• Rubber door- opening protection.

Lifting capacity 4000 kg
Lifting time 55 Sec
Motor Power 2.2 KW
Power supply 400 V/50 Hz

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