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Clear Floor Maha Lifts

ATS ELGI in collaboration with MAHA Germany offers you, MAHA electro- mechanical two post lift. With high safety features and additional benefits it ensures that you save time, money and power.
• Muffler repair.
• Rust proofing operations.
• Transmission repair.
• Any other repair calling for a wheel- free condition.
• Long life by HWR System.
• High stability by optimized carriage and column profile.
• High safety level by positive engagement of toothed arm resistant.
• Danger zone monitoring with acoustic signal.
• Stress- free support of lifting screw by articulated friction bearing.
• Asymmetrical lifting carriage and support arms for ample door clearance.
• Short support arms with 180˚ swivel range.

Key Features
• Wear- resistant, maintenance- free.
• Proximity switches for non-contact height measurement.
• Permanent self monitoring of all safety functions:
1. Synchronizing
2. Phase failure
3. Belt failure
4. Load nut failure
5. Motor overload
6. Electronic shutdowns at limit stop and
if obstruction detected

Parameters Model : CFL S3000 Model: MAHA 3.5 T
Load Capacity (CE Rated) 3.0 Ton 3.5 Ton
Lifting height (Max.) 1990 mm 1990 mm
Lifting Height (Min) 85 mm 85 mm
Lifting/ Lowering time 40 Sec 40 Sec

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