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Medium Speed Engine Oils

• Large, low speed (less than 250 rpm), two-cycle crosshead diesel engines
• Particularly suitable for engines with oil-cooled pistons
• Older-type marine trunk piston engines with separate cylinder lubrication
• Marine and stationary applications

• Extends time between overhauls
Special detergent and ash less dispersant additive system ensures crankcases and lubricating oil lines are kept free of deposits. The combination of detergency and excellent oxidation stability provides clean piston cooling galleries and chambers.
• Protects bearings from corrosive wear
Level of alkalinity reserve ensures that acidic combustion products (which enter the crankcase due to leaks in the connecting rod seals) are effectively neutralized to protect bearings and bright metals against corrosive wear.
• Easy oil purification
Combination of highly refined base stocks and special detergent additive system provides excellent water tolerance and separation properties which enable efficient purifier operation. Therefore, water washing is neither necessary nor recommended.

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